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tv   [untitled]    May 14, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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and welcome. welcome to san francisco. my name is lisa villareal, and i am here during this lunch representing not only the coalition for community schools, but also president and ceo of these and francisco foundation. she could not join us to introduce the mayor of san francisco. let me tell you a bit about our mayor and let me tell you about the passion he has for community schools. rarely do we find an elected official, and mayor that comes with so many vital skills and experiences that relate directly to powerful community engagement. from his early days as managing attorney for the asian law caucus, to key positions
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including the director of employment relations, director of the human rights commission, the director of city purchasing, director for public works department, and finally, city and administrator prior to his election. mayor edwin lee has experienced every civic perspective. his dedication and a passion for children and youth are evident by his extraordinary support for the san francisco department of children, youth, and families. one of the first national city based initiatives to support children and youth. to be matched only by his outstanding partnership with the san francisco unified school district that is one that many districts across the united states within the -- would envy. they have forged a partnership to deepen schools and embrace
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the full-service community schools initiative across the city of san francisco. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the forty third mayor, and the first asian-american mayor of the city and county of san francisco, mayor edwin m. lee. [applause] >> thank yo, lisaou, lisa, for t introduction. welcome to san francisco, how do you like the weather? first of all, i want to thank her and marty from the san francisco foundation and sam hernandez that is not with us today. they are doing a good job with our educators to make sure that the school district is never isolated. i knolerned that -- learned that a long time ago.
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the best cities are the ones that place education at the very center of what we are trying to do as mayors. i want to welcome the mayors of lincoln, nebraska and hartford, connecticut. thank you for being here. i want to welcome the various school board members and administrators that are here today on this important topic of community schools, thank you for coming to san francisco. thank you for taking this opportunity to learn from each other how we can do better. i was talking with my education adviser, hydra mendoza. it doesn't go a week that we don't talk to each other about the value of education. whether it is hurt, carlos garcia, or the incoming
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superintendent, we will always place education at the center of our agendas. that is what we have to do. i can't conceive of any city in the country who would not place education the highest part of their agenda. it just doesn't seem like you are a city if you don't do that. in san francisco, we value that because we are knowledgeable. we know how important it is not only for our kids, but the role of education and everything that we do. and the fact that our community school concept is alive and well and our city -- in our city. we have had those years where we look at the school district and we say, wait a minute, we don't have to work with them. they are a state agency. and the state gave it up and they keep giving it up.
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we keep having to respond. for me, i am sick and tired of responding to what the state is not going to do that we have to anticipate the bad news and we have to embrace these school districts and to make sure that they are always part of our city. that is why we have been working on ideas and programs to make sure the health department is engaged. to make sure our public safety agencies are engaged with the school district. our mayor's office, the budget office, the board of supervisors. all the other elected officials have to find some way to engage our school district, the administrators. that is why i have been talking all morning about how to get a meeting with the ceos. yes, our principles of our school district. they are like the ceos. we have to engage everybody to make sure that we are doing the right things to balancing all
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the things that they need to run a successful school property and a school program. i benefited from public education many years ago. now that i am 60, those years are being recollected slower. as a recipient of public education, i have known for some many years that i was and passion that -- i was passionate about succeeding as an individual. there are more barriers to success these days. financial barriers. every time we turn around, there is another barrier presented to successful education. that is why the cities must be involved and the community schools have to be a concept that everybody embraces. i want to thank you for holding this important meeting here because we have been trying to champion the whole community
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schools concept. we know that the success of our kids have to do with everybody being involved. from army dunton to carlos garcia -- arne duncan to carlos garcia and everyone involved with this movement, we have to involve everybody at the early stage. we can't let our schools fail by allowing them to be isolated. with your help, with your ideas, with the programs that are the foundations that we are coordinating and implementing, the greater idea is to involve everyone else in the community with our schools, that is going to be, i think, the way out. the only thing -- the other thing that i would like you to know, the other efforts are to involve more of our businesses with our schools. in san francisco, we are leading the effort to make sure that the technology companies in of a --
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innovate and find success as part of our city. i would like that success of innovation that many technology companies are bringing to their businesses to also happen with our school district. i know that if we can innovate our way to better taxi dispatch is like we are doing with technology companies were better ways to service delivery, we can also innovate ways in which education can be a greater part of every kids' lives and all parents. and making sure that we can use technology and the business community to do that. we will be introducing these ideas, working with our principles, working with the school boards and the superintendent to make sure that we can also link the businesses that are doing great things and discovering fantastic ideas of
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businesses. we can also link them to the school districts and make them an innovative part. thank you for being here, thank you for sharing, and thank you for being part of our great movement of community schools in our city and our country. thank you very much. [applause] >> enjoy your lunch, we will resume the program and about 10 minutes. -- in about ten minutes. >> let me thank the marine corps division band and the color guard for joining us and making this such a very special occasion.
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let me welcome each and every one of you on behalf of the war memorial opera house board, last that i come for dissipate, and they extend an invitation to each one of you to for this update because this retired member of the united states marine corps, a veteran and his wonderful wife, george n. charles schulz -- george and charlotte shultz. this afternoon, we are doing something that, frankly, should have been done a long time ago. in this city, when the concept of a memorial for veterans what spurs done, they said it would be right here. of course, we have finally, after many, many tries, got this
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right. in 1936, the construction produced it, and then there was six or seven additional times from the original time, and it does not to work, but finally, about two or three years ago, we got it right. the board of trustees decided in their wisdom to say thank-you to two incredible san franciscans in making the horseshoe circle named in their honor. all of you have come for this occasion. the man who presides over this city, for purposes of everything, is, of course, the mayor. directly across the street is where he journeys from on this occasion. ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you, the mayor of the city and county of san francisco, would just celebrated
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his 60th birthday, mayor ed lee. mayor lee: thank you, and they are brown, and thank you, everybody, for coming. -- thank you, mayor brown, and thank you, everybody, for coming. the years that followed the san francisco earthquake were filled with grandiose plans to rebuild our city. perhaps the best realize is the san francisco memorial -- war memorial and performing arts center. the ground was broken to build the war memorial in honor of san franciscans who had served during world war i. in addition to honoring those veterans, the memorial gave a permanent residence to the opera, the symphony, and eventually, the ballet. the war memorial and performing
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arts center has great historic significance, including housing, the signing ceremony of our united nations charter in 1945. today, we are making history erosity and support of mr. and mrs. stephen bechtel. with a grant of $1.5 million -- [applause] from there foundation and in honoring charlotte and george shultz, we are that much closer to fulfilling the original vision of the war memorial complex, which was to include a moral right in his courtyard. as a small token of our city's appreciation, i am pleased to present to you a certificate of honor. i know it is not worth $1.5 million, but maybe the personality of me added with
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willie brown comes close. if i may present to you, on behalf of the city, our great certificate of honor and a gracious personal thanks for your contribution. [applause] >> it is very kind of you. >> thank you. mayor lee: the bechtels generously gave their contribution, and together with that gift, it is only appropriate that the war memorial trustees also decided to recognize charlotte and george by renaming this carriage drive in their honor. charlotte and george, for your dedication to both veterans and the arts, embody the war memorial's founding purpose as a cultural center and a lasting dedication to the men and women of san francisco who served our country.
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it is my pleasure to join the bechtels and the war memorial today by declaring today, may 10, 2012, charlotte and george shultz day in san francisco. [applause] but you cannot park that carriage freely in our city. [laughter] [applause] >> mayor lee, thank you, very, very much. it was just slide of two years ago -- i should say just north of two years ago, from the board on which charlotte served and the great inspiration was from a
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real veteran, a man who carries the title of general. he announced the arrival of the carriage just earlier, but more importantly, he cobbled together a real idea that the veterans beautiful memorial must be complete and must be done. mayor lee, not only did the bechtels generously give of their own to this effort, but they did what we politicians love to do, and that is scilicet it from our friends, additional help. this project received the benefit of that great mailing list. i wish i could get my hands on it because it produced almost as much as they had given, completed the payment, and made the good general very, very
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happy as well as his board. ladies and gentlemen, words from steven that bill -- bechtel. [applause] thank you. we still call you meier, don't we? >> you can, if he does not mind. -- we still call you mayor. >> thank you, mayor willie brown. it is an honor to be with you on this occasion. it is very appropriate to name a facility after george and charlotte. san francisco is home for many important people, but none made as great a contribution to our country as george shultz. charlotte has given great service to our city and our state.
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i believe all year extend a great thanks to them for their great services to our country, to california, and to san francisco. i would like to complement our city for recognizing at them in this manner -- i would like to compliment our city for recognizing the - manner. thank you very much. [applause] that of mayor -- >> mayor lee, the time has come. join me and proceed to do the dedication of horseshoe drive, which has been dedicated by the opera house board in honor of george and charlotte schulz. mayor lee: it is my pleasure
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joining all of you to announce this dedication on behalf of our city, on behalf of the war memorial, dedicating this carriageway to be charlotte and george shultz way of san francisco. [applause] horseshoe drive. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, secretary george shultz and chief of protocol, charlotte schulz, the honorees.
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[applause] >> thank you, distinguished guests, my fellow board members. nancy and i would call this a wow day, and it is a wonderful day. i was sitting here thinking that from my home town, mineola, texas, for willie, and board of texas, for me, i do not know whether they would have named a street for us there or not, but there would have been a problem because in both of those towns, there is only one street, and it has already been named main street. it is breathtaking to think that a street here is named for george and myself. coming in on the carriage, i rather like that. the surprise is i guess that they are giving us the carriage and horses?
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i cannot wait to arrive at the opera. mayor, do you think we should get some permits for the horse and carriage on russian hill? i don't know. seriously, everybody knows that has ever talk to me more than a few minutes that i am passionate about these buildings. i have had the opportunity of being involved with the bond issues for the symphony hall, the restoration of the opera house, and, of course, the city hall, may gift -- helping mayer brown with that a bit -- helping mayor brown. it was said that the only thing that was not done when these buildings were built is the memorial for veterans because we ran out of money. have you all heard about that before? what happened is that writing in not on a carriage but on a charger was mike and wilkes
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little group because they came in leading the charge to raise the money for this memorial, so they are certainly to be commended. and then to go out and get their army of people for money and, most particularly [no audio] and by the way, happy birthday, steve. it is his birthday today. [applause] it is a great honor to know that that memorial that will be here and this horseshoe drive will put its arms around a wonderful memorial for veterans who i know that we respect so much and admire so much, and this is a long-awaited, and we are so happy to be part of it. so, may i present my veterans,
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my marine, my secretary, george shultz. [applause] >> i want to second of all of the banks that charlotte has talked about. -- the thanks that charlotte has talked about. most importantly, my great friend, steve. we have been pals for a long, long time, and i cannot tell you anybody i respect more and look to as a genuine friend. . [applause] i'm wearing a tie that ronald reagan gave me back in the primary days in 1979-1980, and it has a nonpartisan cinnamon on it. it says, "democracy is not a spectator sport." -- it has a non partisan sentiment on it.
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so get in. i have always felt that public service is a great privilege and a great opportunity, but no one serves more than the veterans served in the armed forces. particularly veterans who served in combat. so i think it is so necessary and so inappropriate to finally have this special memorial here in this place. in northern california area, there are more veterans than in 48 of the 50 states. so this is hallowed ground for veterans, right around here, and i think that adds to the appropriateness of this place. but look at the setting. city hall. symbolizes the idea of
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government by free people. government representing, giving us governance on the basis of that representation. that is the idea we go out and fight for. and the veterans building there. and then in this setting where if you listen closely, you can hear the wonderful, soaring music of the symphony. you can hear the arias and the opera and the grace and beauty of our ballet. in this wonderful performing arts, it gives us the soul of the treaty to the veterans, and it says that we respect you. we love you, and we thank you, so as a veteran myself,
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particularly if you have been in combat, you know how close you are, i want to say on my own behalf, thank you. [applause] >> there are two or three people that we need to identify, george and charlotte, because they are here as part of the honor group, but they hold title. sheriff hennesey, just appointed by the mayor to run the department, she is here, first female sheriff of our city. greg sur, the police chief. as supervisor eric mar, who comes from the second super of the soil district -- no, first
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supervisial --supervisorial district. i want to thank each and every one of you on behalf of the board of trustees of the war memorial opera house board, and, of course, on behalf of the mayor of the city. all of you taking part in the ceremony, it is really important to say job well done to two very important people. now, we invite you to join charlotte and george in the lobby of the opera house. we will continue the drinking that started at 4:30 this afternoon. [laughter] the reception is inside. please join us in the opera house for a reception honoring and celebrating this momentous occasion. thank you very much for coming. [applause]
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>> kids with special needs have access to a venture on may 5. over 25 businesses and nonprofit organizations build the music concourse with free refreshments, games, and bluegrass. access to a venture is part of sf rec and park's year-round activities in partnership with activities in partnership with families.
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